55 Inch Valentine Jumbo Plush Teddy Bear

55 Inch Valentine Jumbo Plush Teddy Bear, dimensions taken from head to the bottom of the paws, is a life-time friend manufactured from 100 percent polyester. The choice is derived from the fact that polyester is super soft and a greatly luxurious plush material. The giant teddy bear is suitable for room decoration and a fantastic friend to nestle with while watching television or while reading.

55 Inch Valentine Jumbo Plush Teddy Bear features

  • Quality: has been carefully stitched from high quality polyester material. This also adds to its durability.
  • Durable: all components have been carefully stitched to ensure they do not fall apart easily. It can therefore be used for many years before replacing it
  • Presentable: the teddy bear is highly presentable as a gift to ones girlfriend, wife or any family member or intimate friend. This makes it a perfect companion for the young ones


  • Extremely soft
  • Slightly large but highly convenient and lovable.
  • Well stitched from high quality fabric.


  • Seems huge for little ones but may bring lots of fun

55 Inch Valentine Jumbo Plush Teddy Bear review

A satisfied customer made this remark after purchasing and spending time with the teddy bear. “This giant teddy bear is adorable alongside being super, great and wonderful. Other incredible features include a warm and lovable facial expression, it is huggable, the paw pads have a nice touch, it sits well and wisps back up once you squelch it like a pillow. Above all, the softness of fur is luxurious.”

55 Inch Valentine Jumbo Plush Teddy Bearis a magnificent giant teddy bear that is an overwhelming gift to all loved ones. The high quality fabric and carefully fastened accessories gives it a facial expression that is warm and lovable.

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