TOYSTERS Push Along Toddler Walking Squirrel | Wood Stand Up Push

➤ Did your toddler just start standing up on their own and maybe took their first steps? ➤ Looking for a toy that can shorten the walking learning curve and help your child develop their fine motor skills? If you answered YES to any of those questions, then you NEED the Toysters Push Along Toddler Walking Toy! It’s not just a fun toy for them to goof around with either, this push-and-pull animal walker can help with: 🐿 Balance and Coordination 🐿 Learning Through Imitating 🐿 Fine Motor Skills 🐿 Focus and Concentration That moment when your toddler first stands up on their own and takes a few steps is truly unforgettable. All parents are a combination of proud, excited, happy and nervous. Let our wooden animal walker ease a bit of your worry. It’s designed to assist children in getting up and keeping them balanced as they start exploring on their own two feet. It will help them build confidence because they don’t have to worry about falling! 🎁 Brilliant Gift Idea That Will Be Passed Down to Many Kids Trying to think of the perfect gift for your young child? You’ve found it! They’ll be grinning from ear to ear when they see this cute little squirrel. They won’t be able to contain their laughter when they see it take a nibble out of the acorn when they start moving the toy around. ➤ We only use the highest-quality materials to make our products. This push along toy is safe for kids and the wheels will never squeak or get stuck. A smooth, effortless push for life, guaranteed! Click the “Add to Cart” button now and see for yourself the difference this fun toy will make in your toddler’s walking!🐿 SUPREME PUSH ALONG ANIMAL WALKER – This adorable push toy features a little squirrel with an acorn in hand, of course. As your toddler pushes the walker around the squirrel takes “nibbles” out of the acorn. Measures approximately 9.8 x 4.7 x 22 inches.
🐿 HELPS IMPROVE BALANCE AND COORDINATION – Toddlers can be a bit wobbly and hesitant when they first learn how to stand up. This toddler walker provides a firm base for them to grip onto to help them stand up and get themselves balanced.
🐿 KIDS ARE GREAT AT LEARNING BY IMITATING – Bring this portable toy with you to the supermarket, mall and anywhere else where you might push a cart. Watch as your child copies exactly what you’re doing. It does a great job of helping them keep their eyes straight ahead.
🐿 NO SQUEAKING… JUST A SMOOTH, EASY PUSH – Sick of using stand up walkers for babies that squeak, squeal or one’s where the wheels get stuck? Have no fear. Our push along toy is silent and the wheels will never get stuck.
🐿 PERFECT GIFT IDEA FOR ALL KIDS NEW TO WALKING – Give this cute toy as a gift to little boys and girls for their birthday or during the holidays. They’ll be pushing and pulling it all over the house and gaining more confidence walking with each passing day!

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